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Defoamer for cleaning industry
    • Defoamer for cleaning industry
Product Details

1. Product features

JY-2809ASN is composed of fatty alcohol polyether, synergist and dispersing agent.

Good effects during storage period.

Good antifoam performance even at higher temperature(100)

Stable in strong alkali environment(pH 12)

Havegoodcompatibilitywith application systems(detergent,metal work fluid,etc.).

2. Product Technical Parameters



Test method


Colorless to canary yellowliquid,allow layering afterlong long-term    storage

Ocular estimate


Dispersible in water

1% in water



GB/T 5561-2012


3. Applications

Industrial cleaning(steel plate,wine bottle cleaning,etc. )

Metal working fluid

Landfill leachate


4. Usage and dosage

JY-2809ASNdefoamer is amixture. Probably this product stratify or therearedepositsafterlongplacedanditisnormalphenomenon.Itissuggestedthatthe customer stir it evenly before using and it does not affect the performanceof product(the speed of stirring is between 30rpm to 60rpm)

This product can’t be diluted with water. If it is diluted with water, this productmay appear stratified,finally lead to the cost increase, our company accepts noresponsibility

It is suggested that the product is added in the place where the defoamer is easyto disperse easily. Specific application method is as follows:

Industrialcleaning:addtheproductdirectlyinthecleaningtankoraddtheproducttogetherwithcleaningagent.Avoidprolongedcontactwiththecausticflakes during use

Desulfurization: add the product in the absorption tower.The recommended dosage is 10ppm-1000ppm.


Landfillleachate:Generally,the product is added where bubble sconcentrate,such as the inlet soft heaeration tanksor waste water collection pools. The dosage is 0.5 to100 ppm, yet the optimum addition level should be preliminarily tested in a laboratory setting


5. Package and shipment

200kg/drum,25kg/drum,50kg/drum, IBC, tostore in a cool place. Toprevent direct sunlight, Non-dangerous goods transportation.

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