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Fermentation industry defoamer
    • Fermentation industry defoamer
Product Details

1. Product features

JY-2030FTSN is composed of modified polysiloxane, hydroxy compounds, silica andsynergist.

Good versatility.

Good breaking and inhibitingfoam performance.

Stability to a wide range of temperature conditions.

The product is harmless to the bacteria during the fermentation process.

Toprevent the growth of microorganisms.


2. Product Technical Parameters



Test method


White to light yellow emulsion

GB/T  26527-2011

Ion of emulsion


Solid content





3. Applications

Fermentation industry;

Sugar industry;

Food processing;

Breakingfoam in other aqueous systems.


4. Usage and dosage

This product exhibits good breaking and inhibiting foam performance. It can be added intofoaming systems after foam was shown, and it also can be incorporated into foaming systems as aninhibiting foam ingredient. Typical addition levels are between 10 to 1000ppm, based on the totalmassof foaming medium. The optimum addition level would be determined by preliminary trials inlab because of the difference of particular system of every customer.

This product can be used directly, and it can also be used after dilution with aqueous solutionof thickening agent. If the antifoam can fully dispersed into foaming system, it can be added directly.If not, you should dilute it according to the method in appendix. You should not dilute it with water directly, or it mayinfluence the quality of product.


5. Package and shipment

200kg/drum,25kg/drum,50kg/drum, IBC,tostore in a cool place. Toprevent direct sunlight, Non-dangerous goods transportation.

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